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The most productive high-schoolers might command a 4.0 GPA, lead an athletic team, and do costume design for Les Miserables…you know the type. Philippine-born, California-based Olivia Lo opted to blog in her spare time - an after-school interest inspired by a vintage obsession and the glamour of 1960's Hollywood. Citing a ghetto blaster as her first collected piece of antiquity, Olivia spent most of age twelve sporting matching legwarmers every day.


Fast forward a few years and the fledgling fashion blogger has blown up into a bona fide internet personality. What started as a creative outlet to display her personal style transformed beyond a hobby and into a career. Lustt for Life is an amalgamation of outfit shots, travel chronicles from every continent, and peeks into the life of a multi-hyphenate model, blogger, stylist, and photographer. With charming illustrations from Annie Choi (our favorite of which is the "Passport" section), Olivia's persona is brought to life on this, her online home.


Getting her blog off the ground was a natural endeavor for the avid vintage shopper. And magnetism toward the camera didn't hurt either; generally shooting her outfit posts on a Canon 7d, Olivia occasionally whips out her Olympus Pen-Lite EPL3 to capture her jet-setter lifestyle and pose for the masses. While certainly not camera-shy, she feels that building a thick skin is crucial to success as a fashion blogger. "It's the cat calls, whistles, over curiosity and alien glares you get from people on the street that takes some getting used to," says Olivia. That aside, she loves the fact that every day as a blogger is different, ranging from hanging out her favorite LA showrooms, juggling meetings (plenty of them over scrumptious lunches), or launch parties. Having spent the last few months gathering inspiration and designing for her Blaque Market capsule collection, Miss Lo will switch up the pace for fall with fashion week, festivals, and trade shows to boot.


With fashion as a first love, it seems that food comes in at a close second. Shots of every cuisine from Cuban to foie gras are peppered in amongst stories of maxi skirts and 5-inch heels. When traveling, Olivia always scopes out local vintage shops and thrift stores as a matter of priority, but she asserts that "there is no greater indulgence than a great day of sourcing and ending it with a bang at a great restaurant." Well played! Sounds like our dream day as well.

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Olivia Wanderlist And Reading List

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When asked about her style philosophy, Olivia is quick to encourage "be your own muse. No matter how many things go in and out of season, always stick to pieces that ring true to who you are, and always opt for pieces that work better for your shape."


No wonder her greatest inspirations include timeless ladies like Biana Jagger, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Anita Pallenberg - all having plenty of influence on Olivia's feminine and nostalgic sense of style. To keep her 1960's aesthetic inclinations in check, she keeps up with current web outlets like Jak and Jil, STREETFSN, and The Coveteur to spot tastemakers like Miroslava Duma and Taylor Tomasi Hill who are always ahead of the curve - not to mention modern legends themselves within the fashion cult.


On the matter of blogs as inspiration, we wondered how Olivia feels about the current state of fashion, to which she insightfully replied:


"Even though fashion is fickle and constantly moving, I think the internet has shaped fashion by prolonging trends. After following up on the last few seasons of fashion weeks, the same color stories, patterns, cuts and shapes evolve and transition into the new season. Since it's no longer just the magazines who dictate what's current or dated, the tens, hundreds, thousands of apparel news and style bloggers out there contribute to trend-forecasting styles that offer something relatable to every type of girl."


That being said, Olivia jumped into the blogger mix at quite the opportune moment, long before the fashion week audience was saturated with independent style personalities. Though the blogosphere is increasingly growing crowded, she still believes that there is always room for fresh voices to rise from the masses. Olivia says the secret formula is "a unique point of view, a great look and a 'stickiness' that will attract new readers to become curious, interested, and feel relatable to you." She adds "once you're in, the sky's the limit."


Until the day the rest of us meet her at the top (for starters, we recommend picking up some sky-high night walkers), Olivia will be hanging with the best of them. From French macarons in Paris to crochet dresses in Palm Springs, we can't wait to see what she'll be tackling next!

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A Day In The Life Olivia Miss KL

1. Prep myself for a day full of styling work or visiting showrooms.
2. Most of my day consists of answering e-mails, phone conferences, or meetings. If I have time, I'll sneak in a blog post!
3. When I can, I scoot off to brunch at my favorite place Pete's in downtown.
4. Around late afternoon when lighting is at its best, depending on who I'm with, I'll document my outfit.
5. Then, I meet up with friends for cheese plates and wine! Happy hour!
6. Depending on the week, there may be a couple of nights devoted to press events for a new collection or collaboration with a brand.
7. Events normally take place on the rooftop floor of a hotel or restaurant. This was shot at the PH at Chateau Marmont.
8. After a long day, I head home! First thing I do is rip open mail.
9. Finally comes washing up, putting on Mad Men, and off to bed!

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