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Hanna Beth's presence is a hard one to escape, but with such a sweet, relatable personality behind that pretty face, why would anyone want to? Putting much of her personal life online, Hanna founded Sober is Sexy, an inspiring community and clothing line built with her mother, while blogging about all things style for a giant international fanbase. Here our December This Miss KL discusses her rise to fame, divulges her favorite holiday movie, and offers the best piece of advice she's ever received.


Tell us about yourself: where are you from and what do you do?

I'm 24 and I'm from LA. I've been blogging for Buzznet for about 6 years, I model and I design for the company my mom and I have, called Sober is Sexy. I'm also working on a few different collaborations right now.

Do you feel like you were destined for celebrity? If so, did you ever anticipate it would be online?

No. When I was growing up it was the last thing I ever would have thought… to build something online. It started with me on my MySpace, just writing about my life, taking photos, and through all of that I kind of just gained a following and didn't know people would be interested.

How do you manage your presence across so many social media platforms? Are there any lessons there for aspiring social media professionals?

It's not that hard to juggle everything, I just have to take time every day to do my updates…and it's very helpful that I can do a lot from my phone. I think for people that want to get into blogging, especially the kind I do, just be aware that a lot of your life is going to be out on the internet for a lot of people to see. I'm very open so privacy is limited, and with that you are inviting criticism. There is always some kind of hater and you just need confidence to rise above them.

Best piece of advice you ever received?

Don't dwell on the little things. I have a tendency to think that if anything bad happens it is the end of the world, and I shouldn't obsess about it. Yeah, everyone goes through their struggles and bad situations, but you can always get out of them.

When did you start modeling? What do you enjoy about it?

I started modeling around 16, but it took off more when I was 18-19 and more recently, I just signed with an agency. I guess what I like about it is being able to create different images of myself. I love fashion, so it's fun for me to shoot for brands that I love. I enjoy being able to play different roles, and you end up meeting a lot of really cool people.

What are your thoughts on having such a rabid fanbase?

I guess I don't really get phased by it. I still have a hard time gripping the fact that I even have fans, because I don't even understand how or why that happened. It's awesome. I'm glad that people are able to relate to me and that they appreciate my fashion. I love everyone that follows me, they are all super sweet. A lot of them are international. I was a loser in high school and growing up, so the fact that people even care what I have to say is really astonishing to me. A cool moment for me: I was a fan of the Sex Pistols growing up. During rough patches in my life, they helped me gain an "I don't give a fuck" attitude and helped me get through bullying and all that drama. About a year or two ago I even became friends with Steve Jones. He gave me a shoutout on his radio show. To me that was just…awesome. Complete 180 from high school to now.

Is it surreal to have thousands of people follow your dating life, friendships, whereabouts? Is there ever a moment where what's happening online affects what is happening offline?

Sometimes. It never gets to a point where it's going to change my life or anything like that, but people can be very nasty and negative online. For a while, especially when I was younger, it was hard for me to grip all the rumors people started and understand how someone could hate someone else so much and say such evil things if they never met them. At this point I'm 24 and I have to realize people will always be like that...it sort of comes with the job. The people I keep in my life are very understanding of that too.

What do you look for in a brand when working on a product collab or campaign?

It has to be something I'm interested in. Otherwise, I feel like I'm sort of selling out. I have to be drawn to them and think they're cool. Most of all I want to get along with the people I'm working with.

Tell us about Sober is Sexy.

It's a brand that my mom and I started in 2010. It's a line that promotes that you can have that cool, glamorous, rock and roll lifestyle but you don't have to include drugs and alcohol in it. My mom and I are both sober, and I think it's been great because a lot of young people are influenced really easily, and I think Hollywood makes drug use seem so glamorous. But it's not. It can be dangerous, addictive, and dark, and I think our line helps show people that they don't need to live that lifestyle to have fun. It's been positively received and gives them something to relate to and bring them together. There are a lot of non sober people that wear the t-shirts too, a wide range of people support it.

Describe your beauty routine.

Makeup wise during the day (if I don't have castings) I go pretty light: fill my eyebrows in, put on some foundation, NARS bronzer in Laguna, a little bit of blush, and lip gloss. Pretty simple. And I always wear glitter, even if I'm not wearing makeup, I always want it on.

What are some of the memorable hairstyles you've had in the last few years?

I shaved the side of my head for a while. I used to do different colors, and I did leopard print - that was definitely my favorite hairstyle. Also once I dyed the roots of my hair pink… it was kind of a reverse ombre.

Which is your favorite tattoo?

I think my favorite tattoo is either my "I am drugs" tattoo. My mom and I got it together, we also have a t-shirt that says that…it comes from a Salvador Dali quote ("I don't need drugs, I am drugs"). And my other favorite is a rock and roll tattoo that me and my best friend Ivy have.

Have you ever had a moment where there was a conflict between your online and off-line life?

I'm very positive about it all. The thing I don't want to be too open about is my dating life.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

I hope to still be doing something that I love, whether it's with fashion or modeling, or writing. I like to stay in the moment and not think about the future.

Do you have big holiday plans?

I love the holidays! All the Christmas movies start coming on TV and I can start wearing layers. I feel like it's a magical time. My favorite holiday movie is It's a Wonderful Life (1946), such a classic. But I also love all the cheesy, made-for-TV ABC Family and Lifetime movies.

Any message to send across to anyone bullied in some form or another?

Stick to who you are, don't think you have to change for anyone else. I know it's hard because for a while I didn't want to be who I was. But it gets to the point where you can't really care what other people think. You'll get through it. High school is only a few years and usually the people that bullied you are the ones that don't really succeed in life.

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